About Us

Our Vision:

 is to make crime prevention an integral part of life in New York State.


Our Mission

  • To bring together all segments of the community and create partnerships
  • To improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and communities
  • To develop and implement crime prevention initiatives, training and education

We Do This By

  • Training crime prevention practitioners.
  • Providing information and technical assistance on crime prevention to residents and members of the law enforcement, academic and business communities.
  • Acting as a networking agency to inform practitioners about successful programs.
  • Providing crime prevention experts to speak about effective crime prevention strategies and area programs.
  • Coordinating statewide efforts into a cohesive unit dedicated to reducing crime and criminal opportunity in our communities.
  • Recognizing people who have had a significant impact in reducing crime.


The New York State Crime Prevention Coalition believes that . . .


Crime prevention means:

  • Law enforcement, residents, businesses and the academic community working together to address ways to prevent crime.
  • Educating communities in ways to reduce or eliminate criminal opportunities.
  • All residents working together to develop action plans to keep their neighborhoods crime free.

Crime prevention is:

  • Everyone’s business.
  • More than security.
  • A responsibility of all levels of government.
  • Linked with solving social problems.
  • Cost effective.
  • Crime prevention requires:
  • A central position in law enforcement.
  • Cooperation by all elements of the community.
  • Education.
  • Tailoring to local needs and conditions.

Crime prevention improves:

  • The quality of life for every community and its residents.
  • Reducing crime brings us:
  • Greater freedom and security for everyone.
  • Increased respect for the right of the individual.
  • Revival of commitment to one’s own community.
  • Healthier more interdependent, interactive communities.
  • Increased individual and collective pride in self and community.